Our highways service uses government approved asset management methods to ensure that our client’s highways infrastructure is managed using best practice methods, achieving value for money, leading to safer, improved transport experiences for the travelling public.

Our team combines expertise and experience from a range of disciplines to augment and lead regeneration across the borough. By developing programmes of works across all elements of the highways infrastructure, producing combined schemes to maximise the beneficial effect to the area and the network whilst taking account of political and regeneration aspirations our highways team has shown itself to be a creative and effective service provider achieving national recognition on a number of fronts.

By being structured to take advantage of additional government funding opportunities and having a significant track record of success, this has enabled Unity Partnership Highways to make a significant local and strategic improvement within the area. We also help  our client work with its colleagues within the local transport community maximise links with the region and develop the area into a destination for business and leisure.

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