We offer a range of introductory services to help you understand your challenges and plan for any wider transformation programme implementation.

Early advice consultation
This service allows you to introduce us to a particular business challenge so we can provide a steer on how we might be able to help. This will give you insight into how we work and the possible outcomes depending on your timings, budget and scope of the project.

Helicopter review
This service can be offered as a standalone but sits within the wider offering of “Transformation using Lean and Systems Thinking (TU-LAST)”, a proven six step transformation approach. It allows us to dip into one of your service offerings to identify potential for positive change or improvement. It includes Preparatory, Review and Feedback stages, which are designed to gather, process and analyse information, feedback our observations and make recommendations for next steps.

Our clients are left with a much deeper understanding of their wider systems and key hotspots for consideration, along with our recommendations for future steps. As a result, clients often adopt our highly skilled and experienced consultants to continue through the full transformation process on their behalf, working with their own internal stakeholders.

Blue room
Our Blue Room service is centred on a one-day internal workshop making it particularly suitable for engaging with diverse groups or teams. Those who are invited to attend the workshop are asked to collaborate and co-create solutions to certain challenges, allowing management insight into problems and solutions that might not have been previously identified. In turn, utilising actual team members, other stakeholders and creative ‘thinkers’ who care about and know the business, increases the likelihood that outputs are accepted and embraced due to the inclusive nature of the service.

Each session is fully planned and prepared, gathering information from senior managers, internal influencers and external research into best practice, well in advance of the workshop. The day runs to a formal agenda focused on outcomes at each stage. The full day workshop is extensively documented with the output comprising of a comprehensive knowledge wall. Each stage is digitally recorded including photographing the event, recording work and preparing any images for reproduction.