Our face-to-face customer service centre provides a more personal touch for customers who need extra help with a wide range of council services.

Our staff provide in-depth advice and information on queries such as council tax, benefits, free school meals and Local Welfare Provision (LWP).

The range of facilities at the service centre includes free phones, public access PCs, private interview rooms and information points along with wheelchair access and loop system facilities.

Our Do It Online area offers public access to PCs and allows customers to self-serve in order for enquiries to be dealt with quicker, more efficiently and more cost effectively.

Our online services help save time and money by providing customers with support in accessing digitally claimed state benefits, particularly Universal Credit.

Our staff are on hand to provide additional support and guidance with online services, enabling customers to learn the skills to find the information they require online.

We see an average of over 5,800 visitors per month and our customer service team handle an average of over 3,800 face-to-face enquiries each month.

They consistently exceed our targets; hitting aspirational levels for ensuring customers have an interview with a staff member within 30 minutes of arrival. In 2017-18 the average of customers seen within 30 minutes was above 96%.

Each month we survey a percentage of our service users and the team perform outstandingly, with over 99% customer satisfaction.