Our payroll services help you manage your monthly and annual payroll with efficiency, saving you time and money. We can run your payroll, provide full reporting, distribute payslips and ensure accurate recording of all payroll activities for audit purposes. We have been providing comprehensive HR Payroll services to local authorities and schools for over 10 years.

Our service provides a HMRC-recognised service with accredited payroll software, statutory pay calculations e.g. for sick leave, maternity and paternity leave, filing of in-year events (such as P45 generation for outgoing employees), filing of year-end summaries (P60s), implementing PAYE tax code changes and resolution of employee queries and tax code alterations as required.

Beyond this, we can help you structure a forward-looking payroll system that can help you achieve your broader business goals, such as supporting your employee satisfaction and retention efforts, integrating payroll with your HR solutions and helping guide strategic business and talent decisions.